• Age of Yuri Lyubimov: a number of events arranged to coincide with the stage director’s 100th birthday.
  • 2017


  • To deliver the importance of Lyubimov’s heritage in the contemporary context.
  • To organize information campaigns dedicated to 100th anniversary of Lyubimov’s birthday: announcements in and media relations.


  • The project received wide media coverage
  • Project’s partners: Kommersant, Esquire, Kultura TV channel, Business FM
  • PR support for the following project’s events:
    an exhibition in Moscow Museum;
    an immersive play “10 days that shook the world” directed by Maxim Didenko;
    an award ceremony at The Bolshoi Theatre.
  • Collaboration with key opinion leaders
  • The number of publications: more than 680 (2017).