• Crisis communications based on feedback on ecological instability in the region.
  • 2016 — 2017


To shape the positive publicity of the company


  • The company’s publicity was increased from 30% to 85% of total number of received messages
  • Implementation of the crisis communications plan, including:
    the press-conference with the regional and federal media was held;
    the mailout to the key media: Interfax, IA Regnum, DairyNews. ru, etc;
    stabilization of the information flow in the region because of the work with the regional media;
    regular monitoring of publications in media;
    organization of the press-breakfast with the leading business media in Moscow (Vedomosti, RBK, Interfax, etc);
    organization of the press-tour to the opening of factory’s cleaning facilities.
  • Total reach (1.5 year): 17,900,000 people.