• GK Launch Services, a launch services provider, authorized to enter into commercial contracts for launching spacecraft using launch vehicles of the Soyuz-2 family from Russian cosmodromes.
  • 2017 — present

Lyudmila Savelyeva
Director of Marketing Communications, GK Launch Services JSC

“Thanks to the Communicator team for a nonstandard, personal and competent approach to the promotion of our company. The team is able to work in a short time. They are focused on the tasks of the customer and know what they are doing.”


To establish an editorial publicity on the international level.


  • Established contacts with the key media
  • Continuous analysis of the information field
  • A press tour to the Vostochny Cosmodrome in December 2018 for the Russian and foreign media
  • PR support during the specialized international events
  • Over 450 mentions of the company as the result of the launch