• An international gastronomic project “Eataly” is a unique combination of a product market, restaurants and educational platform.
  • 2017.


  • Information campaign covering the opening of international gastronomic center “Eataly” in Moscow.
  • Media coverage of the event in the target media.


  • Eataly Moscow’s concept and program were developed.
  • Press-conferences, press-briefings and Press Day were organized.
  • Interviews for the leading international and federal media, press-coverage, TV coverage, articles, etc. were held.
  • Celebrity management: events were attended by Ravshana Kurkova, Anton Kamolov, Konstantin Krukov, etc.
  • More than 150 publications in media.
  • Organization of the Grand Opening: logistics, project’s art development, VIP-management, photosessions.